This is how to calibrate your analog sync-time watch. Calibration is the procedure that tells the watch where the hands are relative to the face. You will need to re-calibrate your watch after installing a new battery or to correct your watch if one of the hands is off by any amount. (ex. your second hand always shows 2 seconds off and your date is 2 days off)

1. Push in the stem (button on right) and hold it in for about 10 seconds until all of the hands start spinning rapidly.

2. Release the stem. The hands should keep spinning. If for any reason the hands stop, hold down the stem again until they keep spinning and do not let go.

3. When the time shown reaches approx 11:58 or 11:59, press in the stem once. This should stop them from spinning.

Note: The goal in calibration is to get all of the hands pointing exactly straight up to 12:00:00

4. Press in the stem once to advance the second hand by 1 second. This is used to get the hands pointing exactly at 12, as the fast spinning is too fast to be precise. You will probably have to push in the stem several times.

5. Once all of the hands are pointing at exactly 12:00 put the watch in a window facing towards Ft. Collins, Colorado. This is where the radio time signal is being sent from, and putting it in a window away from electronics helps it get a clear and correct signal.

Note: If you pass 12:00:00 while attempting calibration, you must repeat the above steps over again and wait for the hands to spin back around to 12.

6. Your watch should get the radio signal within 10-15 minutes if you live in an area where the reception is good. If the watch does not receive the signal right away, it will search for it at 1:00 AM, as the signal strength is best at night. If you have tried this, and the watch still does not get the signal and advance to the correct time after 5 days, please call us toll free at 1-800-985-8463.

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