La Crosse Technology WS-1912U-IT Wireless Professional Weather Center

WS-1912U-IT Wireless Professional Weather Center

  • Wind Chill, Gust, & Speed
  • Forecast w/Tendency
  • IN Temp
  • OUT Temp and Dew Point
  • OUT Humidity
  • Storm Warning Indicator

  • Dimensions:
    Receiver: 4.66" x 5.4" x 1.1"
    Wind Sensor: 9.8" x 5.7" x 7.5"
    Thermo-Hygro: 2.25"x 6.17" x 2.44"

    All Features:
  • 3 Weather Forecast Icons: Sun, Sun with Cloud, Cloud with Rain
  • Weather Tendency Arrow (Up / Down)
  • Advance Storm Warning Indicator Icon
  • Barometric Pressure (hpa / inHg) with MIN/MAX Time and Date Records
  • 12 Hr. Barometric Pressure History Graph
  • Weather History Display: A Record of All Values is Stored Every 3 Hours for a total of 140 Records
  • Wireless Outdoor Temperature with MIN/MAX Time and Date Records (F/C)
  • Wireless Outdoor Humidity with MIN/MAX Time and Date Records (%RH)
  • Indoor Temperature (F/C)
  • Wind Speed and Gust with MAX Time Record
  • Wind Chill and Dew Point with MIN/MAX Time and Date Records
  • Calendar: Week, Date, Month and Year
  • 12/24 Hr. Time Display: Hour, Minute, Second
  • LCD Contrast Setting: 1 to 8 Levels
  • Wall Hanging or Free Standing
  • Optional Self-Emptying Rain Bucket Sold Separately

  • Specifications:
  • Wireless Outdoor Humidity Range: 1 - 99% RH
  • Wireless Outdoor Temperature Range: -40 F to 139.8 F (-40 C to 59.9 C)
  • Indoor Temperature Range: 32 F to 139.8 F (0 C to 59.9 C)
  • Wind Speed and Gust Range: 0 to 111.8 mph (0 to 50 m/s) (0 to 180 km/h)
  • Battery Life: Up to 24 Months
  • Wireless Transmission Range: Up to 330 FT

  • Power Requirements:
  • Weather Center: 3 "AA" Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Thermo-Hygro Sensor: 2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Wind Sensor: Powered by Thermo-Hygro Sensor

  • Optional TX32U-IT Wireless Self-Emptying Rain Bucket (Sold Separately):

  • When the TX32U-IT rain bucket is added to system the LCD can be toggled between pressure and rain data
  • Monitor Total Rainfall: 0 to 393.7" (0 to 9999 mm)
  • 24 Hr. Rainfall with Time of MAX Record: 0 to 39.3" (0 to 999.9 mm)
  • 24 Hr. Rainfall Shows Amount of Rain Recorded in the Past 24 Hours from the Present Hour
  • Power Requirements: 2 "AAA" Alkaline Batteries (not included)

  • WS-1912U-IT$89.95
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